Litigation Consulting

Litigation Consulting

Litigation Consulting

About the service

In over thirty years of experience, I have seen trials go sideways because the legal team lacked preparation. Few attorneys understand investigation. Meaning you don’t know what you don’t know, or you are unaware that you are unaware.  Think out of the box is a cliché. But I would add critical thinking is absent in our business and legal community these days.  F. Lee Bailey spoke at ASU Law School many years ago. He said it takes three things to be a good attorney, Command of the English Language, Fast Recall, and Preparation.  My idea of preparation is quite different than most attorneys I have known. But I would add a fourth thing that attorneys need--that’s backbone!  

Litigation Consulting is putting the chess pieces together.  In the Army, we call it “The Order of Battle.” Evidence collection is so important and finding the right experts can secure a win.  In addition, strategy is paramount to putting those Chess pieces on the board and moving the battle forward. I need to be in the discussion of strategy.  

• Legal Funding-Financing the battle

• Evidence Collection-Securing and Authenticating

• Opposition Research-Knowing your enemy

• Expert Witnesses-Locating and vetting experts

• Case Management-Planning & Contingency Planning

• Jury Investigation-Tampering