Family Law Investigations

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Family Law Investigations

About the service

I wrote the book on Child Custody, literally, Child Custody A to Z, Winning with Evidence. I also have a course you can access on my website to assist you in the navigation of your custody case.  This is my contribution to this highly emotional topic. Evidence is the most overlooked aspect of a child custody case.

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In family law there are many challenges and locating people or assets is part of my occupation.  I have over thirty years of honing my craft to help people.  One size doesn’t fit all in family law and I analyze the problem an employ various tools and strategy to solve the problems.

  • Divorce - Assist clients with navigating through the emotional clutter of separation.
  • Child Custody - 30+ years of consulting with parents and grandparents.
  • Elder Abuse - I work with families and attorneys to rescue the elderly from abuse.
  • Infidelity - Surveillance, shadowing and data collection.
  • Probate - Location of heirs and assets.